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Roofing Baltimore, MD Your home should have a reliable roofing system to ensure that it will be capable of enduring harsh weather conditions and other outdoor elements. The materials should be durable and long-lasting. If you are building a new home or doing a home renovation job, your best option is to get roofing materials from leading manufacturers. They guarantee the quality and workmanship of every product that they sell. Other factors that you must consider include the design and the installation of the roof system. You have to look for a reliable local roof installer who can guarantee excellent installation.

Looking for the best installer is not a difficult task if you're from Maryland. There are a lot of qualified contractors that you can choose from. And if you want to get the best roof installers in the state, choose Clear Choice of Maryland. Our decades of experience in the industry have made us one of the most reliable roofing contractors in MD. Our people are all certified by leading material suppliers, so you are assured that the installation is handled professionally and accurately. Moreover, you will be assured of excellent workmanship even if the project involves a small roof installation or replacement job.

We have already performed countless roofing installation and repair jobs in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, Montgomery County, Queen Anne's County, Maryland, Howard County, Prince Georges County, and nearby areas. Please call us at (410) 280-2657 for more details about our range of services.

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

For new home construction and major renovation projects, selecting the right type of roofing material is very important. Since they will protect you from the elements, you have to make sure that the materials are tough and long-lasting. But aside from these factors, you should also consider the following:

  • affordability
  • fast installation
  • aesthetic appeal
  • maintenance cost
  • availability of the materials
  • ease of replacement

Types of Roofing

Roofs are available in different materials, colors, and styles. The final choice would always depend on the needs, preferences, and budget of the property owner. Most choose asphalt shingles for their affordability. Others prefer slate to achieve a more natural-looking roof. If you can't still decide which type to choose, here are some more information about commonly used roofing materials:

  • Asphalt shingles. Most homeowners choose asphalt shingles because of their affordability, ease of installation, and resiliency. They can be used in any architectural style. They are also available in various designs and colors. The downside of asphalt shingles, however, is their shorter lifespan compared to other materials.

  • Wood shingles or shakes. The most common wood varieties used as wood shingles are cedar, southern pine, and redwood. Make sure to check the fire rating of the shingle or shake that you will buy. Shingles with fire-resistant treatment will cost higher. Expect high maintenance costs if you opt for this material.

  • Slate. If you want a French and Colonial look for your home, then slate is the perfect roofing material. It has a distinctive and beautiful appearance that you can't find in other materials. Slate can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

  • Metal. Roofs made from metal sheets are also popular in the state. Metal roofs can be made from aluminum, copper and stainless steel. They are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and lighter.

Roofing Installation and Repair

As mentioned, the installation and repair of your roof should be handled by licensed and experienced roofing contractors. They have the required skills and appropriate tools to work on the job efficiently. And if you are still looking for one, just call Clear Choice of Maryland.

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