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Windows Baltimore, MD Do you have outdated or damaged windows that need to be replaced? Or are you looking for people who can perform fast and efficient window installation and replacement? If these are your needs, don't act too fast. Make sure that you carefully select the type and design of the window that you want to install. You should also ensure that your chosen installers are experienced and capable of installing any window type that you may need. Going to your nearest home improvement shop is an easy thing to do, but you may not get the most durable and perfect replacement window for your home.

One of the local companies that you can trust in MD is Clear Choice of Maryland. For years, we have been the choice of many homeowners and commercial property owners in the state for our expertise and experience. We have certified window installers who have extensive experience in installing various types of windows. Moreover, we have strong partnerships with leading manufacturers in the country. We are certified installers of Window Depot, Clear Choice, and other respected brands.

At Clear Choice of Maryland, we have highly skilled people and top-quality window products. We have been serving Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, Montgomery County, Queen Anne's County, Maryland, Howard County, Prince Georges County and surrounding cities. If you want to get the best replacement windows and have them installed by expert people, then please give us a call at (410) 280-2657.

Types of Windows

It is a must that you have a clear understanding of the different types of windows installed in your home. This knowledge will help you choose the perfect replacement unit or install a more functional one. Here are the common window types installed in most homes today:

  • Casement. This window type offers excellent ventilation, reduces noise, and has a low air leakage rate. However, it is not recommended for areas near a deck or walkway.

  • Double-hung. It has two sashes that slide vertically when opened or closed. Many models have features that can be tilted inward for easy cleaning. It can allow cool air to come in and warm air to move out.

  • Fixed or picture. This is usually installed to allow a good visual of the outdoors, particularly the landscaping. The size and design of the fixed window type depend on the area where it is installed.

  • Awning. This is similar to casement but hinged at the top. The window's design helps keep the rain out when it is open. It is commonly used near the top of a wall to let hot air escape.

  • Skylight. It is installed in the ceiling to allow the entry of light in the attic or interiors. The design can be fixed or operable. Sometimes, a remote-controlled blind is installed to control the light.

  • Sliding. A sliding window has one or more panels that slide horizontally. It offers good ventilation.

The Best Window Features

Aside from the quality of your replacement windows, you should also look at their features. At Clear Choice of Maryland, we highly recommend the use of triple-pane glass. This technology offers outstanding benefits, such as improved insulating capacity, enhanced condensation resistance, and better noise-reduction capability. You will surely enjoy more comfortable interiors and lower energy costs if you opt for this kind of window.

Please call us for more details about our top-of-the-line window products and installation rates.

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